Denver’s Leading Pool Table Movers

At Anytime Billiard Service, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient. Pool tables come in many shapes and sizes. BEFORE CALLING TO GET YOUR QUOTE you need to properly measure your pool table for its size to get the most accurate quote.

Moving Service • ​$300.00 and up

We take great care of your pool table during the moving process. Being fully insured and guaranteeing our work, you can be confident you are getting the best service available. We carry all tools and extra hardware, just in case you are missing essential hardware. Our approach is simple, leave every pool table in better condition them when we arrived. And we promise NO SHORTCUTS are ever taken!

Assembly • $225.00 and up

Pool table assembly just got easier. Our talented pool table technician’s can assemble any pool table you can throw at us. Whether your pool table is brand new or antique, we will know exactly what it will take to have it play perfect. We level every pool table with a Starrett Machinist Level. The level, measures out to 5000th’s of an inch or the width of a dollar bill. We take the appropriate steps to re-stretch your previous cloth back on your table, or provide a selection of new cloth, it’s up to you. Just let us know the size of your pool table. We can provide you with new parts if you happen to be missing something. We carry many parts in stock. If we don’t have it, we can order it for you.

Recovering • $200.00 and up​

7′,8′,9′,10′,12′ Any size Pool table is fine with us. We carry Proline classic cloth, in every cloth color in stock. Higher end or “speed felt” such as Simonis Cloth improves performance and longevity, but is special order. For residential use, standard cloth is commonly used. We will be happy to discuss cloth quality with you to determine what cloth is appropriate for your needs. Many customers ask if we can match the old color. unfortunately due to fading and die-lot changes this is not possible. The cost of the recover includes all of the felt, including the rails. Click here for cloth colors. If you are looking for a logo cloth we can special order upon request. Perhaps you know exactly what type of felt you like playing on. Let us know when calling for a quote.

Dismantling • ​$150.00 and up

​If you are planning on refinishing your basement or are moving out of state, you will need to have your pool table dismantled. You may not have room at your home for your precious pool table anymore. We will take dismantle and properly pack your pool table so that it’s safe until the work is done or while the big move takes place.

Crating • $250.00 and up​

If you are moving out of the beautiful state of Colorado we recommend that the slate portions of your pool table be crated. We use 2×4 and 2×6 solid wood for the construction of our crates. We custom build each set of crates to fit your unique slate. We guarantee your slate will arrive safely. We do not nail or staple your crates together. Only Phillips head screws are used. This makes removing the slate safe, quick and easy.

Re-cushioning • $225.00 and up

Due to certain materials used in making pool table cushions, they go bad. Cushions tend to get very hard when they expire. When this happens, your pool table balls will not bounce correctly, if at all. Lack of playing on the table can also cause the same result. The simple test to check if your bumpers are going bad is to squeeze the rail and cushion with your hand, if they feel really soft or hard as a rock, its time for a change. Bumpers come in many shapes and profiles. K-66 profile cushions are most widely used. We carry a standard cushions in a few profiles in stock. Artemis Billiard Cushions are available at an upgraded cost. We can order any cushion profile you need. We can also custom fit your table with a K-66 profile if you are interested.

Restoration and Refinishing • Call For Quote

After having your pool table up and running for many years you may notice that the top rails don’t exactly look “like new” any longer. Ball dings, scratches fading all occur on a daily basis. You may have an antique pool table given to you by a relative. We can refinish and restore your tables original beauty. We can refinish perhaps damaged portions or the entire table. Your pool table will look like new again! Below is an example of our work; a restoration on an antique pool table over 100 years old.